Do’s and Don’ts of Office Fashion


What to wear for your new job at the office may be entirely up to you, however, most employers will provide you with corporate uniforms or guidelines on what and what not to wear to work. Check that you will only require standard office wear for your job, as certain jobs, for example hotel work may require you to wear both corporate uniforms or hospitality clothing, depending on your job role on a specific day. Other office jobs may allow you to dress down when in the office, but be smart when meeting with clients.

What to avoid

If you are not provided with corporate uniforms for the office, you should be aware of what not to wear for work. Even if your office allows dressed down days, you should be careful to still appear neat, tidy and professional. As a general rule, the following should always be avoided:

● Sweat pants or tracksuit bottoms;

● Ripped jeans or any other sloppy looking items;

● Sneakers or trainers;

● T-shirts;

● Strapless or tank tops;

● Flip flops;

● Baseball caps.

Your employer will be able to provide you with more specific guidelines on what is not acceptable work attire. When possible, avoid buying cheap clothes for work as they will lose their shape quickly and look scruffy. Avoid light colours if possible as they can be easily stained or soiled.

Widely accepted work attire

Womens corporate shirts NZ, blouses, suits, smart trousers, skirts at knee length and below, and v-neck sweaters are all good examples of most corporate uniforms. When choosing what to wear to work, you should always consider outfits that look professional and smart. If your company allows dress down days such as casual fridays, you may be allowed to wear jeans. However, you should still opt for jeans that are dark, not ripped, fitting and look professional whenever you are permitted to wear them. Choose jeans that don’t have any wear marks or patches of colour fading. They may be the comfiest choice to wear on casual friday, but you still need to look professional.

Stay tidy and professional

Along with the type of corporate shirts and other office clothing that you need to wear, you should also ensure that you have a polished and tidy look. Good personal hygiene is essential. Hair should always be washed and tidy, and men should always make sure that any beards and moustaches are neat and trimmed. Avoid wearing any overpowering or strong perfume or cologne. A subtle scent should be enough.

If you have tattoos and piercings, check with your manager regarding the company specific requirements. Some employers will require tattoos to be covered and piercings removed in accordance with corporate uniforms. Expect this if your job requires you to wear hospitality clothing. Keep any jewellery which you do wear to a minimum, as often less is more when selecting the type of jewellery to wear to the office. A small necklace, bracelet, stud earrings and one or two rings is usually enough to maintain a classy and polished look.